How to become a retailer


We would love to supply you!
There are just a couple of conditions...

Firstly, we have a minimum delivery weight that must be ordered at a time.

In Gauteng it is 250kg since we deliver in and around Gauteng most days of the week.
Whether you are a breeder or a retailer, 250kg delivery at a time qualifies you as a direct buyer.
That means you can get delivery at your home/business at our wholesale price.
For delivery anywhere in SA, outside of Gauteng, bigger minimum delivery weights may apply.
Since long distances have cost implications we cannot deliver small quantities anywhere in SA.

We will need some Documents!

If you want to buy TLC in larger quantities as a breeder, retailer or as an owner of 20 dogs, we will need some info from you.
Kindly email our Gauteng office at or our Western Cape office at and request a customer application form.
You can fill in your personal and business details on that form and send it back for approval.
Once we receive it back, we will send information on the minimum order quantity you qualify for.


Wholesale prices are obviously lower than retail prices.
The prices for retailers, shelters and breeders are all exactly the same.
Prices are sensitive information but can be obtained by sending us an email!


We deliver to most towns and cities in SA, and typically within 5 working days.
We do however have monthly routes for our longer distances.
Please feel free to contact our offices to get more information regarding delivery frequency in your town or City.
Our offices are based in Vanderbijlpark in Gauteng and Montagu in the Western Cape.
The closer you are to our depots, the less time you will wait between your order and delivery.

Collect from our Distribution Depot

To qualify for our wholesale prices, you must take a minimum of 250kg per delivery/ collection.
We allow collections from our premises, as long as orders are placed and collection time is arranged beforehand.
Payments are strictly COD and no vehicles will be loaded without proof of payment.
Collected prices are the same as delivered prices. Collections can only be done at our Gauteng Depot.


As previously stated, all payments must be in order before delivery or collection.
When you apply to buy directly, payment options will be discussed.


Contact us we would love to have
you as part of our TLC team!



Email us if you want to become
a TLC Pet Nutrition reseller.

Western Cape

Email us if you want to become
a TLC Pet Nutrition reseller

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